Benji Scum
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2003-03-22 10:59:41 (UTC)

Rodeo Clowns

Happy Gilmore is on tv...why am i watching it? i've seen it
a billion times,heck i own it.I have musical practise again
tomorrow its Sunday and im at school from 9 to 5,i need a
And i really need to stop listening to Jack Johnson AND
Benji and Jole's version of Can't Get You Outta My Head.I
was at school last night too (Friday) how sad.The talent
quest was on and we drowned Jamesy out,he was singing Rodeo
Clowns and Joshy was playing acoustic guitar.Someone told
us to shutup but i said "No James sucks" and i didnt
realise Joshy's mum next to me taking photos..oops my bad ;)
Its good,coz they never won anything,maybe the judges were
sick to death of James' shit voice like myself.Why he's the
lead in the musical i have no idea,all i know is that its
not coz of his voice.Mr Been did..haha well his name is
Casey but thats his last name,im so cruel.I love his
Masturbating Is Not A Crime sticker on his guitar and his
labret piercing,a nice spikey thingy.
Can i just say im SICK of the stupid war.Will it hurry up
and be over,theres nothing on tv except war,its boring the
pants off me.i still have GC imprinted on my legs,i finally
bothered to take a photo,go me! i think they could be
scars,i should go and get another tan,WITHOUT the paint
this time.Ich wünsche diese fucking Welt, ich hasse, daß es
alle nur wird, sterben!