worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
2003-03-22 09:36:09 (UTC)

Day of Discipline - #2

i stand naked facing, almost touching the wall, my legs
spread wide and arms held out horizontally. The single-
tail whip stings with each lash. The lashes rain down on
my back, ass, thighs, and calves. It hurts terribly but i
cannot move out of position or the whipping will be
doubled. For being lazy and failing to go food shopping, i
am being whipped for each item on the list that i didn't
purchase - 27.

Next, for failing to exercise i must endure weight
training. i am ordered to apply clamps to my pussy lips.
To the clamps i attach heavy weights that hang a foot and a
half above the floor. My tender lips are stretched down a
couple of inches making me look somewhat deformed. i am
told to squat until the weight just rest on the floor and
then stand fully upright again. i repeat the squat over
and over again, watching myself in a full length mirror so
i can see my lips stretching further down. No less than a
hundred squats will suffice.

The next round is a rare one, it's called the confession.
i don't usually receive punishments for dishonesty, but
this time i earned it. i have gotten into a bad habit of
lying to my friends, family, and associates for no good
reason. It is completely unacceptable and i will be
disciplined for it. i am tied very simply to a chair with
electrodes attached to my tits and a metal rod inserted
into my pussy. My torturer asks me a question and
immediately starts the current to my tits. It starts light
but grows stronger and more painful every couple seconds.
The voltage will continue to increase until i answer the
question honestly. The problem is that most of the
questions are ones i have no desire to be honest about. As
a result i tend to stall in answering the questions and
only the severe pain in my tits gets the truth out of me.
Over a period of an hour i am forced to speak honestly
about my feelings towards my friends/family/associates and
admit all the lies i've told. If the lie seems
particularly harsh or unjust, a punishment shock is
delievered to my pussy; severe enough to cause a loud
agonizing scream with each one. i lost count after twenty
punishment shocks and my tits were aching more than ever
before before this part of the session was done.

i am sitting on a table with the soles of my feet tied
together, displaying my inner-thighs and pussy nicely. i
hold my arms behind my back, wondering if i will be able to
resist the temptation to shield myself from the blows. My
torturer stands in front of me with my large wooden
hairbrush. i have thirty swats to each of my inner thighs
coming to me as punishment for the thirty errors i had in
my last writing assignment. The back of the brush comes
down with an amazing force on the inside of my right
thigh. The pain is so much more than i ever expected it to
be and i know that the agreed upon punishment is too much.
Another swats lands on my left thigh and i immediately
cover my legs from future blows. i begin to furiously
explain that the penalty is too harsh and that we should
switch to another implement because this is too painful and
i'll never be able to stand thirty on each leg. My torture
looks at me like i'm speaking a foreign language - there is
no negotiating during a discipline session. Instead he
cuffs my wrists behind me and ties the cuffs to the back of
the table so i can sit upright, but no lean forward to
protect my thighs. i am utterly helpless to defend myself
and my pleas are falling on deaf ears. The wooden brush
pounds into my flesh over and over again, harder and
harder, and all i can do is cry and scream and beg
futilely. 60 swats later i am sobbing freely.

My discipline is complete but i still owe a "wish" to my
torture, who is not happy with the tantrum i put on
earlier. He tells me if i ever try something like that
again he will end our agreement altogether. i agreed on
the penalties and have no right to whine about it. He is
right and i know it. i apollogize and offer him two wishes
this week as a token of my appreciation. He agrees.

First, since it was my mouth that got me into trouble he
writes a list of seven punishments for my mouth - one for
each day until our next session. i must performe each to
myself and document it for him for next week. The are:
1. One hour sitting naked on toilet with bar of soap in
2. Three hours wearing mouth brace - used to hold mouth
stretched painfully open.
3. One hour holding handle of spoon in mouth with egg
resting in the cupped end, if jaw relaxes and egg falls and
break - will receive extra punishment next week.
4. Apply five drops of tobasco sauce to tongue ever hour
from 8am to 10pm.
5. Wear clothespin on tongue for 30 minutes before eating
all meals that day.
6. Stick tongue out as far as possible, double belt into
loop, put tongue in loop, snap belt closed on tongue.
Repeat 20 times.
7. Lick toilet clean - do a good job.

Second, he hands me the wooden hairbrush. i am told to get
on the table and give myself another 15 swats to each of my
inner thighs. My eyes go wide in disbelief, how can anyone
be this cruel. i want to say no, to beg for mercy, to
offer to whip my tits or ass instead; but i know that would
be ending our relationship. i reluctantly assume the
position on the table with my soles flat against each
other. i bring the brush down hard, but not as hard as the
earlier lesson. It hurts so bad. i look to his eyes for
reprieve but none comes. i continue the torture. This is
the life of a masochist.