hello kitty cat
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2003-03-22 09:28:40 (UTC)

moving yet again...

..I'm really stressed out about moving again. Finding
another apartment...I'm supposed to move in with
Stephanie...I'm kinda concerned about her financial
situation though...and the last thing I need is someone to
fuck up my credit now that I have some....hmm..I just want
to get to a place where I can actually live----where I
don't walk in and feel like I'm going to puke...I haven't
gone back to my apartment in something like 3 days
now...just because I can't stand to see fucking
Christian's discusting face let alone hear the shit that
comes out of his mouth. I miss feeling secure...and this
situation is just driving me insane. I have to be out by
the 31st though, so I guess we'll see what happens soon
enough. I'll tell you this though..I'd rather sleep in my
fucking car than sleep in my own fucking
fucked up is that?...alright I'm done!

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