Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2003-03-22 08:07:53 (UTC)

a side note.. from the previous entry


just so we are all clear on this

I am not, nor will i


go out with the grrl i had sex with tonight.

it's just a thing, and if you want the story

ask me...

it was just... "you need sex? well, so do i"

"wanna come over and have sex?

"uh, lemme think.. 2 seconds later...yes."

"will you go down on me?"

"well, duh, it's my fav thing to do to a grrl."


i reiterate... this was about sex.. nothing else..

we're just friends, and thats how it will remain..

and no

this isn't going to happen again...

it's happened 3 times now...

over the course of, 3 years...

is it a yearly thing? not really...

it just works out that way...

she's not seeing anyone, nor am I

even tho we both like people who

don't seem to get we want them



I digress, and bid you all


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