my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2003-03-22 05:14:29 (UTC)


frooooozeeeennnn in timmeeeee withoutt your youchhh without
your lovee darlin' onlyyyy youuu are the lifeee among the
sorry. i was singing. yea. hehe. any way. i just popped my
back YAY i have needed it cracked for so long... and i cant
get it cracked right(and that wasn't the way i want it
cracked but it'll do). im happy!! i just got a new sims game
(house party) and im havin soo much fun lol. i get addicted
to the sims! lol... any way ummm i can't think of anything
to say btu i dotn think it matter because im basically just
talking to myself right? well and my comptuer. s. i say "s"
because i write on mroe then one... so... its like not
singular but plurar. i haev bio homework, i mean extra,
because we were working on genetics monday. which was
actually interesting!! but yea it's confusing. using the
punit squares or however you spell it. interesting... any
way im gonna go talk to my sweetie... i wish i could talk to
so many peopels *sigh* but i'd rather talk to them face to
face.. i can't wait till mr dan's week of camp, because i
really hope he uses me and amy h. again because i miss our
night time talks... *sigh* they were nice. *shiver* that
noise.. whoooh... it scared me so much i still dont know if
it was brad and daryl or an animal lol. *sigh* oh how i love
summer. ok im going agian! lol bye

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