Laura's need to rant and chat
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2003-03-22 02:34:31 (UTC)

Another birthday has come and gone

Yesterday was my birthday and the only thing I wanted was
my A/C fixed. It's been bad for about a week now, and of
course, I come home from the parents house and NOTHING!!!!
No A/C and it won't be fixed until Monday. GRRRRRR.

I am so ready for my A/C to be working... and of course
on the good side, mom and dad are still going to help me
with the move. Yeah. They don't care how much, they just
want me to be happy. Yeah...

Let's see what else is up? NOTHING!!!!!!! I still don't
know when my job will give me time off, BLAH! Evil fucks...

I need to know ASAP!!! I want to make my plans. I am so
ready to go. I need to go...