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Pillow Of Your Bones
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2003-03-21 23:21:09 (UTC)


agh. weird day. didnt go at all like i wished. *sigh* "I
don't know why I care so much When I shouldn't care at
all." oh well. I had to go to the school this morning (no
school today) to make up a bunch of shit for ap psychology.
now i have an 88 in there. yay. go me. i should prolly
start doing my work and stop skipping school so damn much
huh?! then i came home and was doing more hw so i turned on
the TV (Hook w/Robin Williams) then i started decorating my
american government folder (i punched holes around the edge
that im going to weave ribbon through and im sewing buttons
all over the and my mom came out and was
like 'what time do u hafta be at work?' and i was
like 'what time is it?' 2!...i had to be there at 2:15. I
was 5 min late bc some asshole in a light blue grand
marquis who was talking on his cell phone kept cutting me
off. he was like mid-20s semi-but not too much-cute. he
pulled up next to me at the light right before where u
hafta make the u-turn and looked over and smiled at me.
cunt. not cool. after work i was pulling up to a light on
19 and saw a teal subaru next to was angie. i
followed her to Pizza Hut (she was going to work) and she
hooked me up w/a salad and a pepsi lol. i couldve ate but
my mom had said she was cooking dinner so i came home...and
noone was here. they JUST walked in the door...they went to
olive garden. grr. oh well.
*sigh* he hates me "no not at all but im goin out ill ttyl"
oh well.
..::..New Zealand..::..

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