No Matter How Hard I Try...
2003-03-21 22:50:20 (UTC)

A Small Ray of hope..or a nice thought at least

hey! Well, I talked to Rosemary. Someone level headed :-D
She knows all about what has been going on, well, some. I
told her how I've tried relentlessly to work everything out
and she agreed that this was being blown out of porportion.
She thinks Terry and I should be together and that he
should AT LEAST be able to come here and I should have
gotten my phone back long ago. She said she wants to talk
to mom about this all. Maybe...just maybe? Hope? But it was a nice thought. Rosemary
rocks! But, I know nothing good will come from this.
Just an update...more later...if I have more to say.
I still love you, Terry.