Broken Sky 2- The Diary of Mark
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2003-03-21 22:15:19 (UTC)

Another day in the life of me

Well today was very interesting. Not really but hey :-/
what can ya do about it. Adrienne went to science olypiad
today, as well as matt and daniela. I hope that ad and
daniela crushed matt. Finley deserves to get a medal or
two. Dave brought his evanescence CD to bio today and
listened to it the WHOLE time.
Davy: got know, you were
right...i love her veryy very very very much. like, i
actually love her. not like 'ok since we are going out now
im going to be the good bf and say i love you just cause
it seems right' but i actually love her. its weird
sometimes for me, not really used to it. i never felt this
way about krystal, not even close...
Thats colleen hes talking about. I guess he does love her
as much as he says he does. Loves crazy though. O well
guess you dont wanna sit here and hear me gripe. Its
about dinner time. O yay diner during lent, lets see,
that means fish and shrimp for dinner. I mean not that
theres anything wrong with fish and shrimp, just that
thats what we have EVERY friday during lent, but then
again what else can we eat? Hey dinners a callin'!