my life, my love and my happiness?
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2003-03-21 20:24:47 (UTC)

i want some one to be my hero.....

they kill me.. i dont know if he knows it but they make me
wanna die. seriously!!!! ughhh.

school was ok. math was gay... i got yelled at... ais i
listened to ICP... i love them... i wisited amber like 20
times. haha. and umm then they locked me out. gerrr! went
to mr d's class and made pumpkin bread and a bunt cake...
right b/f that everyone.... well like 75 ppl walked out.
and umm lunch... i think me and maria pissed each other
off but i am not quite sure. then i went to lunch with
amanda.. kenny wasent there he walked out and neather was
matt or casey.. me and amanda talked about hooty girls.
haha... then umm creative foods i made baked potatos and
they werrte fucking good ... then my mom came and got me
and i got my hair cut.... now i need to go get ready for
work sooo.... i will prolly be back later. i will tell
yall bout the car stuff then.

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