Watch me lose it...
2003-03-21 20:13:32 (UTC)

Black Tangled Heart

Listening to : Silverchair - Black Tangled Heart

There were two "restructering" meetings today. In relation
to Ian being off and now not coming back for two months.
I said to Gary and Richard in the pub at lunch, I don't
know why they just don't let him go. But then I do know.
Its me and my mate. If it was me, or Gary then we'd be let
go ASAP. In any other organisation, you'd get the standard
sick time and then if you couldn't come back you'd be asked
to leave.
I've always taken this opinion. If your doing a job and you
can't do it and you dont enjoy it, it makes you feel
unwell, mentally or otherwise then its simple. Find a new
job. You are doing yourself no good , making yourself
ill...and your doing no favours for your workplace or its
other employees just having months and months off. Its all
very well for Ian Yates to sit there and dance round the
real issue. "Ian at the moment, as a member of the team is
injured and will be out for a long time..we have to make
sure we can take him back ok when he feels well enough to
come back." He also said "Its one of those things where you
might meet him in the street and he'll seem fine. Its when
he gets to work that his 'problem' begins."
Then surely the solution for Ian is not to come to work
anymore and to find somewhere else to work? I just don't
subscribe to the theory of "stress." Its all psychological
and if your job is causing you to feel unwell..find
somewhere else to work.
The second meeting was just me Andy, Gary, Rich and Ian. It
was good to an extent because it got alot of technical
issues out in the open and ideas on what the budget will be
spent on next year etc. But Andy didnt really want me
there. He hates me. We had a tiny flash in the pan tussle
about installing Linux onto the mail server. Andy basically
said "When your IT manager to can roll out linux across all
the desktops..not now.."
We weren't even talking about desktops. Prick.
Then i asked him about ice creams..which was a mistake..he
said "You can go for them actually because I dont need them
for this next bit." He wanted to talk about me and wanted
me gone. Hes such a tosser. But then again, the department
is better off with him than Ian.
War war war. Its all going down. I've been watching it
alot. I don't know why...I guess I feel this is the
beginning of the end in 2012 maybe.
I spoke to Mistress CC for a LONG time last night. Yet, I
told her lies. I told her a different name and age and
email address. She still said I was wonderful was
very nice actually. But I think I'll have to confess to her
when i speak to her next. Shes expecting me to email her,
but last time I did that she never wanted to speak to me
again. Time will was great to talk with her
Week off now. Just not looking forward to tuesday and all
the harrassment it will bring.

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