All That I Am
2003-03-21 19:35:31 (UTC)

When Rabbits Attack

Since when do 602 people represent 260,000,000? I was
reading a poll done by USA Today that said 76% of Americans
approve Bush's decision to go to war. But they only polled
602 people and it didn't say what regions of the U.S. they
were from or whether they were from the same town or city,
nothing like that. I don't have a problem with polls and
surveys but the ones I usually go by have been done on a
larger and more diverse scale. Anywho...

Well, I had to come into work at 9:30am today and let me
tell you I feel like the walking dead. I'm going to start
drooling any second now and start chanting, "Brains! Eat
your braaaiinnnss!", lol. (Get it..Night of the Living
Dead...anyways) I'm not into coffee but love the caramel
macchiato and I could take a freaking bath in that right
now. I was about to maul the coffee lady cause she was
taking too damn long making mine and it smelled so damn
good....EAT HER BRAAAINNNSS!, roflmao..he he he..look I'm
tired and I get a little goofy when I'm running on

I get off at 4pm today and all I plan on doing is going
home...sleeping...wake up to go to the bathroom...go back
to sleep...wake up to do laundry and then stare at the t.v.
and watch SNL. Good times! I may start back on this book
too but I don't know if that's going to know
what today's fucking Friday! Well, hell in a handbasket!
SNL doesn't come on today...oopps...okay well an all new
Law and Order SVU comes on and I'm addicted to America's
Funniest Home Videos. I would go to mum's house but since
I'm broke I have to perserve my gas or else I'll be walking
to work until payday.

I'm kind of excited about going back to school this summer.
The only thing that will de-rail it is if I don't get any
financial aid. But I have a good feeling I'll get it this
time. Last time I was denied it was because we lived in
Texas and cost of living and the college wasn't so much but
up here it's quite a bit higher...especially college. Once
mum comes back from Michigan I'm going to get this form
from her that will let me get credited for a computer
class. I'm suppose to take one but since I work as a
computer monitor I already know everything and my boss can
just comfirm it and then I'll get 4 free credits! Woohoo! I
want to take a refresher computer class but then again I'd
rather not pay for it if I don't have to. Besides I work
around all these computer nerds who can take apart a
computer and put it back together with their eyes closed so
I'll just learn from them.

I was thinking about getting some fish. I know that just
came out of nowhere but I need a pet and I may get
something a snake or something...hmmm...the
landlord said I can't have dogs or cats and it has to be
something in a cage or aquarium. I may get a bird
too...hmmm...but birds are loud and their shit really
stinks! I don't want my place smelling like bird shit. I
wouldn't mind fish but they're kind of boring too. I was
thinking about a hamster but those mother fuckers bite.
Hmmm...I don't know I was thinking of what my brothers
could get me for my birthday....basically because I'm
greedy and whenever someone asks me, "Will, what do you
want for your birthday?"...see most ungreedy people
say, "Oh that's okay you don't have to get me anything."
Not me! I'm like, "Well, I want some new clothes, a new
tongue ring, blah blah blah." Anywho...I got side tracked,
it happens often...I was thinking that my brothers could
get me a pet. Knowing them they'd probably catch me a
squirrel or something and then it'll give me rabies. I
always wanted a boa constrictor (I'm back to the
snake...keep up dammit!) but ever since I saw this special
on Fox, When Animals Attack, and I saw this guy get bit in
the face by a boa constrictor...well, I've had to rethink
the whole snake thing. I would just love feeding it rabbits
because I hate those innocent looking bastards. They look
all cute and helpless until they bite your finger off! We
had two rabbits growing up and they both bit the shit out
of me! I hate rabbits! I was watching Discovery Channel and
they were showing this lynx chasing a snow rabbit and I
might as well have had some pon-poms because I was rooting
for the cat. He didn't catch the little bastard
though...maybe next time. Okay I think I'm done with the
pet thing...maybe I'll just stick with fish afterall.

I'm not going to write another journal entry for another 2
or 3 days so I'm trying to make this one long. Hmmm...brain
slowing....down....must get another swig of carameellll
maachiaatooooooo........braaiiinnsssss. Later.

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