Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2003-03-21 19:29:31 (UTC)

another dog busicut?

just another day like any other=busy.....I have been busy
almost everyday of my life but yet I still have no money,
and a crappy car.
I have been lookng for a new job. (please help)
and focusing more time towards the band(practicing, getting
fans...etc.) which reminds me.... we have a show this
Saturday heres the info:

Saturday, March 22
Hard Rock Cafe's Velvet Underground (right next to the
Doors @ 8pm, Music starts at 8:30 w/
Brian Bond's Theory
(Pacifico takes the stage @11pm)
*This is an ALL AGES SHOW!
under 21-$10
over 21- $5

anywho well other than that I am watching my brothers house
which means watching 3 dogs, 2 fish tanks, and about 75 yeah again I am way busy. Well i am off to work
before I go to a friends show to pass out flyers and
stickers and promote our show tomorrow.