Anrui Kurayami

Kurayami's Tears
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2003-03-21 18:11:28 (UTC)


Hey hey hey! I'm in a good mood today, even though its been
busy and not really all that good. Don't ask me; maybe I'm
hyped up coz my period is three days over! Yay! I just hate
that time of the month and cheer right up afterwards. Also,
everything seems to be sorting itself out!

Paul is still a bastard, but I don't let that bother me. Me
and Cat have made up, and that will do me, for now at

We were talking about Iraq, and we thought it was really
funny that a war like this which split the world would
hapen in our lifetimes. Then I said something about joining
the real RAF, and fighting in a war. Cat then said "And
dying!" I said, "True." Then she said, "Don't die. I love
you really, even if I never show it." I said, "Me too."
Then we agreed to never fall out so stupidly again, never
lie to each other and always remember 'friends forever'!

Unfortunately, I am also in trouble....

Cat wrote a poem about Rachel [ARA's girlfriend, the girl
he dumped me for], and Paul read it. He was still trying to
be her friend and generally splitting us up. He told Rachel
about the poem, and although Cat managed to delete it on
time so she didn't read it, she still knew about it.

To avoid getting beaten up by people she would see
everyday, she said I had written it for her. So now, Rachel
wants to beat *me* up. The feeling is mutual, however, and
seeing as I am a blue belt at karate, I doubt she'll win.
She quit when she was just a yellow belt!

Anyway, I have had really good bursts of inspiration lately
[this entry is called 'INSPIRATION' for a reason, and its a
Morning Musume song]. I've realized I'm more likely to have
my books accepted by publishers if I have something already
published somehow. So I decided to write about seven short
stories for teens, and publish them with a little known but
good publisher. The object would not be to get money but to
get recognised as someone who knows the business.

I've also had really good inspiration for fanfiction. I'll
be doing a Final Fantasy one [not a yaoi, I don't think!],
and maybe a David Eddings one.

I have a Classical Civilisations project to do. We only
seem to do classics in private schools, but its my fave
subject apart from English. I'll probably take Classics,
English and Chemistry as my A levels.

Heh, I've never said ought bout my GCSE choices, have i?
Well, I'm doing:-

English lit & lang, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics,
French, Classical Studies, Religious Education and History.
^ ^ Not much coursework on the chosen subjects, cleva me!
^^;; not that I eva do work anyway.

I nearly got an after school detention in Chemistry today!
But he let me off and gave me a lunchtime instead coz he
became a grandad about 2mins after he gave me the det!
Heheh, way to go and extraordinary timing!

I had a really strange dream last night. It was lovely
though.... This is what happened:-

I met ARA again, and he was with Rachel, Paul, Cat, Suiren
and her boyfriend. We all went back to his house for some
reason, and we talked. He hugged me [strange dream- i don't
even know why] and then he was about to kiss me when the
dream ended! :( I almost cried. My alarm went off... one
more reason to hate the alarm clock! heheh.

Mum seems to have an interest in my online diary. She can
bugger off. My diary, online or offline, is NONE OF HER

There, thats over with. I am in a VERY good mood, and I
have hardly been sarcastic at all this entry! WOW! heheh!

Mata Ne!!!!!!!
~Anrui Kurayami~ xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox [lotsa hugs and
kisses coz I'm feeling generous!]

Good sites visited recently:- - for my Classics project! it gave me some
good info.... I think its the cartoony one! - another good one for school work!

New Fave Words:-

Cornelian [gemstone for August], bitterness, purity,
virtuoso, eternity, love, beauty