files of the weenie kid
2003-03-21 17:49:24 (UTC)

curly haired gurls

I was supposed to go to the morp tonight with matt, but i'm
not going... i have a lot of good reasons.
#1 - I didn't ask my parents, although I am 100% positive
that their answer would be "no".
#2 - Catalina's not going so I wouldn't really know anybody
#3 - Obviously I would know Matt, he is my date, but I've
only talked to him a few times, why would I have any reason
to trust myself being alone with him?
#4 - I don't think it would b a good idea to go to a
Those are my reasons, and I think all of them are very
logical, not anything against Matt, but they are for my own
good. Ahh how wise I sound...a year ago, I would have gone,
regrdless of the situation, so i am very glad to see the
mature me showing up every once in a while. I think I am
growing up into a wise person, I'm learning how to think
about consequences BEFORE I make a decision. Good for me! I
am gonna make it up to him somehow... but for now, we're
gonn hang out on Sunday after church, prolly get some food,
then see a movie. Sounds good to me! my back hurts like a