ramblings of this hopeless romantic
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2003-03-21 16:26:06 (UTC)


I'M GOING HOME!!!! Well...not exactly...yet...going to New
Jersey for Grandma's bday and THEN going home. I wonder if
I'll be able to find some stuff for prom there....I
might....Oh well. Mom, Michelle and Sarah aren't gonna get
here til 6 or so which mean.....more time with Adam!! Yay.
Today's a lot nicer than the last few days. NO RAIN!!

Hah..I don't have any class besides Wind Ensemble and the
student recital. Yaaaaay!!! More time to get my room ready
for spring cleaning. Great. So far...I've got most of my
clothes. I went and did laundry this morning and got it
from the dryer after flute choir. Some dipshit took my
clothes out before they were completely dry. Oh well. I
turned on my air conditioner so hopefully they'll dry out.
I can't wait to go home....speaking in the near future: I
can't wait to see Adam again :)

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