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2003-03-21 14:51:34 (UTC)

Da Bomb

Ok Thursday was one of the most funnest days I ever had.
Went to Uni in the morning, did my usual, did have anything
for lunch and me, Mike and Hayley went to the Gate Clock
for lunch. I wanted a drink, bought myself a double vokda
and redbull (I remind you I had nothing to eat all day) and
it went down quite well. Then Mike and Hayley thought it be
funny to get me drunk so they bought me another one. I
couldn't refuse a drink so I drank it. I was a bit tipsy
but not completely dazed. They bought another. I finished
it and I couldn't walk straight. I was swaying left to
right head getting real heavy, and I still had a seminar to
attend to. It was so not me getting pissed so early but I
felt that hey why not.
Later that day it was Derens birthday, last time I saw him
was when went clubbing at sound. We went to Lloyds in
Bexleyheath and there were going to be a bunch of people
who I never met before. Kerry was there (his girlfriend)
who I haven't seen since my birthday (June), it was so good
to see her. There were about 10 people who came to his
birthday, 2 left real early so I didn't get to meet them
but didn't bother me. Person who stood out was Kayann (Kai-
Anne). Chinese girl, 18 years, such a personality and
someone who is basically the girl equivalent of me. She is
so funny and knows how to have a good time, there is no way
you can go out with her and not have fun. Met this other
guy Luke, 18, laddish, down to earth and really honest. It
was funny how me and Kayann basically trying to come on to
him :D but I don't think he found it too funny. Met some
other girls, can't quite remember their names but yeah I
mingled with them. Had about 3 tequila shot that night, all
in the name of fun ^_^. That night was just so funny and so
good to see Deren and Kerry. Made a new friend (god shes a
fox, and yes i am still gay :D) Kayann and really had a
good time. We're going out next Saturday so see them there
again maybe. Take care and happy birthday Deren, hope you
enjoyed it!