Inside A Mind Full Of Imagination
2003-03-21 13:43:01 (UTC)


Yesterday, my younger brother's girlfriend broke up with
him because she likes someone else. I know this isn't
really anyone else's business, but truth to tell, I
actually felt sorry for him. She was his first girlfriend
and he actually really did like her. He's still young and
all, but that's... sort of amazing. When he told me what
his (recently) ex gf did, I didn't know what to think of
the other girl but I actually really did feel sorry for my
brother. Since yesterday (the day they broke up) he's been
depressed and has cried twice. Maybe more (in secret).
The thing is... when they broke up he first told my parents
(of course) then he came up to me and said he wanted a hug.
That was was when he told me about his breakup. And then...
the funniest thing. Well not really funny, but... he said
some pretty cool stuff. He said, after talking to my mom,
that in reality, she was right about what she said to him
(I forgot what it was). And then he goes that when he (or
me) thinks about it, this family was prety close in some
way. I didn't even realize it or thought about it, but at
that moment, his words really rang true. We were close in
some way, even if one can't see it. When he said 'I love
you' to me (he's been saying it to the whole family for a
while), I said 'I love you' back and it felt... wow.
Touching, very touching. It touched my heart that I hadn't
really felt before.
I'm pretty proud of my brother. In a way, his words are
true: he sorta keeps the family together, even if I don't
admit it openly. And I do love him and my whole family. I
wouldn't know what would happen if I lost them. I'd
probably go crazy. *a bit teary* They're one of the most
important people in my life and probably ranks number 1 in
my list of important things in my life. Aside from friends
that is.