Grrrrls Stuff
2003-03-21 10:27:19 (UTC)

War with Iraq creates shame for fellow Americans

The following letter has been submitted to multiple
newspapers across the United States:

To beginning this letter I would like to express this
being written in a state of great sadness and shame.
We as a nation are at war with the Hussein’s Iraqi
regime placing our economic state, well being,
popularity and much more at risk. Not only in the sense
that no one person can say exactly how this war could
affect humanity as a whole, but also as a personal eye
opener to our own country-men’s disappointing support
for their friends and neighbors, possibly even family
within our United States Military. I cannot stress how
much I did not want to see us begin this war for many
extensive and varying reasons that I feel are moot in
this very moment.
I don’t know many people who wish the type of
devastation war will bring upon the nations spanning
our great planet. I certainly am not of that desire.
However I am of the belief that now is the time that
support is of greatest importance. If for nothing else, for
your fellow countrymen who are deeply embedded in
this invasion on Iraq.
I have spent the last forty-eight hours researching much
information regarding intercultural views, impact of
various weapons to be used as well as weapons we
hope will not be used in our lifetimes, various
propaganda, possible political and cultural
repercussions, as well as spent many hours in various
online chat rooms in the hopes to find the views of the
people of our fine nation. What I have found is
disheartening and appalling, creating a feeling of
shame deep within me for many of my fellow
Americans. Far too many of the people I have
encountered either in daily life or in the online chat
rooms are of the opinion that their personal angst
towards a man who we the people have allowed
willingly, at the least by passive reaction, to be our
leader to override their sense of patriotism and
allowing themselves to either forget or be ignorant of
the fact that this country was founded by a great mass
of men we refer to as freedom-fighters.
I can only hope the people that have expressed such to
myself do not feel they are above another country’s
people. I see no reason to believe we are so special
and unique that we as Americans should be the sole
group allowed the choice freedom brings. I am of the
opinion that at this point the who and why this war has
begun matters not, but someone needed to help the
people of Iraq. I cannot fathom the hypocrisy required to
say our fellow freedom fighters are amongst our
countrymen merely for the protection of the people of
this nation. I cannot believe we are so selfish.
Loss of life is inevitable and unfortunate in any war. In
this case I feel those that may be lost will be lost in an
effort to allow the future life of a great many people, and
I will not be so selfish as to hold my grief above such
I implore my fellow countrymen to educate your selves
continuously, to keep an open mind when choosing
whom to believe or follow, and most importantly to
support the men and women that keep our freedoms
alive as well as risk their lives willingly to gain
freedoms for countries unable to attain this
There is no shame in being driven by fear and
manipulations of great magnitude. There is much
shame in the belief you should not help those who
cannot help themselves.
N..... Snow
Born, raised and proud to be an American.