2003-03-21 10:17:15 (UTC)

If Salmon and Tuna had sex...would their baby be called a Saluna?

no this is not a Flamingo Man entry you bitches of
eastwick its actually a diary by me, made for me...

k so i did nothing today but eat...and then i ate some
more...went to work...came home and ate...slept on the
couch till 1:15 in the morning...then i ate again...then i
came on the computer...and ate all in all i ate
a lot today...

i love my friends...except for alex, ray, natalie,
aldirto, and jo...the rest of them I love...those ones
make me wanna smush beef intestines with a mortar and
pestal and add in some curry with pralines and eat it all
then barf it up in the toilet where i just shit out my
previous meal of sheeps pancreas (because i love insulin!)
with arugula then eat it all again and barf it up one more
time for good measure...awww you guys i love you all! tonight we're going to grapefruit...that includes
you natalie, ray, alex, jo, aldirto, and mykerty even
though you prolly won't read this and oh yeah you live in
another country so you can't come unless you walk very
very fast...i tend to take my sweet time getting ready so
you might make it...try not to get hit by bombs along the

um my pretend internet boyfriend finally told me he loves
me was sweet...hes like "so i think i love you
word" im like "oh great finally k talk to you later
bye"...haha we're so happy together...i love how his penis
is so phimosis-free! oh chris sanchez!


i also love the fact that my old yogurt container on my
desk is growing mold and turning green!


what else do i love? i love the following things:

peanut butter
ceiling fans
people not from russia
hot ass guy from the gym
having no back hair
anticipating drunkeness
the lard that collects at the bottom of a pan after you
cook chicken with potatoes and peppers in the oven
asian pears
alanis morissette
owning and wearing voltage shoes proudly
iraq and the U.S. even though they hate each other
that e-mail that natalie sent me with all those
abercrombie and fitch guys
jonoton even though he has serious personal issues with
being introverted way too much
the sound of people chewing
feeling like everything is ok with the world when i look
at my niece
crying each time i watch dancer in the dark
previews at the movie theatre
being alive
how myke sent alex that package today even though he never
met him before
knowing that life will get better then it already is
stealing bulk food every week from 24 hour dominion
taking a bath
hard cock
opening presents
big family dinners with my bestest family in the world
to love

i feel so much better now...really.