sheesh ya fuck
2003-03-21 09:27:04 (UTC)

i was here for today the sun..

i was here for today
the sun broken on the eyes
its what i see
keeps us wondering
where is the disguise?
i am content with all which is unsettling
drawing pictures over and over untill the funeral bells
ring and call for me
memories dance like flames through my mind
wild fires will cease us to admire
morality and her wicked lessons
i drink the poison and spit the black
to blues greens yellows and
rouge red seeping through the tragedies in mask like scenes
no more will i cry
dry my tears before they break
hush the misunderstood ripping at my heart
forgivness is where i bled for winters
i will lean closer for your soul to catch unto mine
wild fires will cease us to admire
shooken life the insanity
learn to breathe in the sea awaay and away untill the soul
has decayed
i once was a clockmaker
and it killed me.
remember the songs that played in the shadows
the fear and comfort played in one
i was small blank and broken
its been a long wait.