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2003-03-21 05:59:01 (UTC)

The Year of Ice

I was reading two books at a time..."Open Your Heart"
and "The Hobbit" and I've finished both of them and now I
just started reading "The Year of Ice". I read the first
chapter so far and I'm already hooked. It's about this high
school guy living in the 70's, he lives with his dad, his
mom was killed in a car accident, and he's gay. The first
chapter is just funny. It's told from his perspective and
he's a trip. But what I love about it so far is that he's
so much like me....probably like a lot of gay guys who were
struggling with their identity. It's cool and I love it and
like the Dalai Lama book, I'll be talking a lot about it

Today has been a very loooonnnnnggg day. I came in to work
at 1pm and I'm not off until 10:30pm. I'm used to being
able to just vege until 5pm but not this week or the next.
But I can't complain because my paycheck will be very nice.
Earlier today me, Jennifer, and Catherine were swapping
funny stories and I couldn't stop cracking up. Not at
anything they said but I remembered when I was in high
school in Alaska (I think junior year) and it was of course
negative something outside and icy and snowy. Well, school
was just out and me and Sarah were walking out to where all
of the buses were and we saw this girl kind of speed
shuffling to her bus and all of sudden she slipped and her
feet flew straight up in the air and there were books and
hair all over the place and she fell flat on her back! I
swear I couldn't breathe, I was laughing so hard I couldn't
keep my balance and I was trying to hold on to Sarah! We
both got on our bus and we laughed the whole way home. It's
hard to explain the image but had to be the
funniest thing I've ever seen and then the girl got up so
quickly like nothing happened...roflmao! Omg, okay I need
to change subjects or else I'm going to fall out of the
chair, lol.

I've been looking at cell phones online because my plan
with T-Mobile expires April 24. I want one of the
color/camera phones really bad. I like my phone but I'm
tired of it. I know I'm just going to spend money on some
gimmicky phone and then a month later won't even care but
so what. I want the new color phone now dammit! It'll be my
birthday present to me.

Anywho, I've been downloading virtually every cd ever made
because....well, because I don't have a life and there's
nothing else to do at work....and I was reading about my
girl Erykah Badu. I've always loved her music and her whole
vibe. She has that earth mama thing going and she just
seems very honest and soulful. But anyways I was reading
about her and I came across this quote and I really love it
so I decided to put it in my journal:

On the meaning of her music, Erykah has responded: "Well,
music makes you hungry, and I had to get the music out of
me. I'm just a path for letting the music out. I don't know
if it's righteousness or spiritualism. Music is a rebirth
process and I am a midwife helping to bring it into the
world. Music shouldn't be abusive, but resourceful. It was
something that was given to me, but it is not to keep."

I guess I like reading quasi-poetic stuff like that because
it expands your perceptions. I think if you're advanced
enough...cultured enough, to appreciate art and can fully
absorb it, then you just become a better person all in all.
Not that artsy people are better people, cause not all of
them are, but you're not so vacuous and have a deeper
understanding of things. You're not so rigid and mechanical
and you actually start to love and enjoy life. Like art,
life is so complicated and diverse and if you can
appreciate one you can appreciate the other. But with that
said there are artists who become consumed by their art and
draw away from, maybe I should rethink the whole
loving life and art thing. Well, I know that's how it
affects me and I'm sure there are many others who are no
different from me in that respect. I don't know why I
trailed off into that. Anywho....

Well, It's getting close to closing time. Later.

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