lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2003-03-21 05:44:17 (UTC)


the sound is still ringing in my ears and it's nasty. and the same
song i was listening to keeps playing over and over in my head.

tonight, i was driving down mission oaks blvd headed toward the
park, and a friendly lady was waiting in the left turn lane to turn
onto woodcreek (she was going the opposite direction). well, she
decided to wait in the left turn lane and yield until i happened to
come toward the intersection. she pulled out in front of me at just
the right speed where i knew i was going to hit her. i slammed my
foot on the brake harder than i've ever hit anything...i heard this
horrible squealing noise and felt the car swerve and before i knew
it i was facing the other direction. there are huge tire marks in the
road and i had to completely turn my poor little car around to drive
(crying, mind you) home. the good news is, i didn't get in an
accident. but i did scare the daylights out of myself and i'm
officially wary of all drivers now.

take that combined with my incident with a guy trying to drive onto
an offramp from the wrong direction...that was cute...these things
assure me that i am NOT the worst driver and people ARE very

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