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2003-03-21 05:15:31 (UTC)

scary falls.....

Lol I had to walk (along w/ the rest of the music
department) to the Gunter Theater for the piano recital--
which was kickass--and we had to cross the river. Oh man
that was scary. Because of all the rain the river's
overflowing. Itz scary. Walking in the courtyard was
scary. All you can hear is the thundering of the Falls.

The recital was sooo kickass. The pink monstrosity chic
was there. Dude she must be a govie wannabe (at least me
and Margaret think so). Hell she's always at all the music
department concerts now. Oh well. Ms. Lee was soooo
cute!!! The first piece was duet and her dress for that
was gorgeous. She wore it well. Steve was....Steve. Except
he was in a black suit. That was about it. Heh after the
duet Ms. Lee changed into this huge white dress that
was...well...huge. It was pretty but it looke more like
something a little kid would wear to church or something
or maybe even a wedding dress (that's what I thought it
was). For a minute I didn't think Ms. Lee was able to find
the pedals, lol that dress was so big. I can see her going
for her doctorate in piano. She's kickass. I think
Schumann was smiling in his grave. Steve kicked major ass
on the Listz piece he did. Dear God he's good--no, good is
an understatement. He's....damnit I can't think of a word
that would portray the effect he has when he plays. He's
that good.

Hehe on the walk back to school me, Maggie and Margaret
were joking around....'We don't actually have to DO IT,
just donate me your sperm'....'We can have musically
inclined babies'...hahahah we're crazy. Sure Steve's
pretty hot, but eeewww he's our teacher and he's 28. No
way. Anyway....nothing else interesting.