My Diary
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2003-03-21 05:00:11 (UTC)

Bitch Fest...

Ok, so Im not really pissy. I'm really tired actually. The
new puppys not doing much for my sleep, and either is this
god dammed cold. I haven't been this sick since I was in
the ER on Thanksgiving in 2001. Dammed mono! So yeah...

Since the last time I updated this... I have the Probe
back. I am happy about that. I love my car, as much as I
hated the Mustang I had before. I really love my car, in
case you couldn't catch that.

Remember that "Friend"? Well, we are still friends, and
thanks to a little bitching and common sense, my Criminal
Justice class is - for the most part - normal again. With
the exception of Commando Carl, who we all basicly dispise.
If I didn't have any self control, he would have got his
ass beat a long time ago :-D. Anyways, back to
the "friend". He dated one of my best friends - who is now
my lesbian lover/wifes mistress - and they broke up and
[typical teenaged agnst] all the drama that goes along with
that shit. [/typical teenaged angst] But, due to me
bitching, they are friends again. I was not about to take
sides, so I said screw both of you untill the resolved
their issues. Were one incredibly disfunctional family now!

So I am hanging out with Kati and Sammy alot now, and
Ashleys a little upset about that at times. Ash, sorry. But
you work, and I need to do somthing with people. Dont think
I am ditching you, I just have other friends. Like you did
with Will. I still love ya, and you know that.

I really need a job. I applied at the Penfield Home Depot
on sunday. Hopefully my brother can pull some strings, or I
can just get a job because they want me. Either way, I need
a job. If I get that job, how cool would it be to say to
people in Canandaigua "I work in Penfield." Makes me feel
kinda cool! No, not really...

Im still single, and have been for over a year and a half
now. Its really starting to piss me off, and I really feel
that that is the root of my negitive outlook on life.
Everyone else I know has recently had someone, or has
someone, and I am still hanging out in the corner cursing
them. I hate being the match maker, and never being made a

There are a few people I like, but this areas too narrow
minded to allow me to actually pursue them. Everyone loves
lesbians, no one likes the queers. Argh. So yeah. Andy,
most of all (The kitten on his laps so cute! But hes still
hott:-D) is someone I am interested in. Oh well if hes 22.
As long as were happy, right? Well, I have never even met
him, but hopefully that will change saturday.

Shout outs:
Yelhsama - Speechless. We have so many retarded moments
that I like to block from my head...Makes me feel kinda,
not retarded. But deep inside, we both know I am ;-)

Sean - Stop fucking your BF and freaking hang out with us
once in a while. And please, try to make it to PE. I need
someone to cheer me on when I snap and have to kick some

Sammy and Katibear - Who the hell knows what started us.
Maybe the fact that we are all queer? *shrug* Sam, I am
never being near you when you have a pool que, a ping pong
ball or an air hockey puck... I fear for my man hood! Kati,
Katibear, bitch, princess... I still dont know where the
hell Katibear came from. Just kinda came out one day and it

Nick - Miss ya man. It sucks your going to St. Louis untill
the summer. I really wanted to see you sometime.

Ty - You may not know it yet, but - odd as it seems - you
are one of my best friends, and maybe my best male friend.
We have been through alot of shit... Mostly Roseland. I
thought I lost you there for a while, but your still there.
I still trust you, and I hope that means somthing to you.
It means a hell of alot to me.

Umm, I guess thats all for now. Maybe I will up date this
more often. Maybe even once a month!