This is the beloved air I breathe
2003-03-21 04:50:52 (UTC)

the air I breathe

are you guys familiar with the worship song "this is the
air I breathe"? The words are "this is the air I breathe,
this is the air I breathe, your Holy presence living in
me, this is my daily bread, this is my daily bread, your
very word spoken for me, and I I'm desperate for you, and
I, I'm lost without you"

so, I had a friend tell me a little while ago that he just
didn't understand what that song was about. I mean, what
air? I have always liked that song, and I didn't actually
articulate why, but tonight as I was worshiping, I
realized what the song really meant.

I was in a pretty crappy mood. I had been frustrated
about some stuff that's going on and I was even more
frustrated about the way that I've been responding to the
situation and so I didn't even want to go to our Christian
meeting tonight, but I did.
When we were worshiping, I was sitting on the floor curled
up in a little ball, but then I sort of sat back with my
back against the floor. I layed there listening to the
music, and praying with my eyes closed, and before I knew
it my stressed, sporratic breaths, turned into peaceful
rhythmic breaths. It was then that I realized I was
literally breathing in the peace of God. The Holy Spirit
was in that room and as I breathed, I literally felt more
and more at peace with every breath that I took.

Have you ever just basked in the peace and quietness of
God? It's something that I don't do enough, but it's one
of the most wonderful things in the world.
I encourage you to seek out the peace of God, and allow
His still small voice to speak to you through the noise of
your life this week.