forever changing
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2003-03-21 04:48:11 (UTC)


my walls are returning stronger than ever i don't want to
let down my guard again and this is a poem i just wrote
this night.

fear and love
don't seem to go together
but to fear to love
has become too familiar
everytime there is a glimpse of love
the fear of ending comes
holding back
and when the barrier breaks
not long after so does the heart
and the cycle repeats
but this time the barriers are
harder to break through
a personal wall of china
but instead of bodies
dead within the walls
there lies the peices
of a shattered heart
adding to the sheild
a sheild against the hurt
that never seems to withstand
but now the sheild has been reinforced
by the shreds of a broken love
none shall enter now
the key has been long lost
never to be found again
and the door
covered in a wall of ice
like repunzel
trapped in her high tower
but her hair has been cut short
nothing for her prince to climb
she has no prince
only imposters in diguise
too many times has she been
tricked by their falshood
overwhelmed by their forged sonnets
and hurt by their sudden partings
the fear to love is nothing more
than the fear of love ending
and when the walls must be built up again
they will never come down
not this again
i can't take it!

and that is what i wrote it is really crappy but i don't
really care cause it more or less tells how i am feeling
right now and really the only person i would let attempt to
break down my wall i can't allow to.