Life of a troubled gay teen
2003-03-21 03:31:49 (UTC)


Jay keeps on liek showin off and we all know he is the
hottest guy in our classes but he is an asshole so no gurls
like him but like he is all like showin off and flexing his
bicep and it is like ok u know u are hot i know u are hot
stop showin off so then in 6th period he was like hey
Richard can u do this and he flexed his bicep twice so i
did it it was preety good but it wasn't a good as his and
than he is like u are gay and i was like ok jay getova yah
self and then anthony was all like o yah i shave my nuts
and it was like come one even of u do would u say somethin
like and that no i don't think so and one of my friends
goes to anotha school and they were like this kis bla bla
bla is like hey i like guys and gurls wanna come ova to my
house wit my friend eric and i was like geeze he is all
open about his sexuality in todays society and with most
kids parents they are so causght up in havein havin an
american family with gardsons and duagheters that they
could't bare the fact if there son was gay so