Welcome to MY world
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2003-03-21 02:46:58 (UTC)


Yay! Brooke is going on the weekend church camping retreat
thingie with me!Arg, I am not going to see CJ untill NEXT
friday. I just got off the phone with him and it is the
last time i am going to talk to him in over a week. This is
going to be the longest we have gone without talking in...
forever (since we have been going out) and man was it a
stupid convo. It like only lasted like 15 minutes. That boy
can be confusing. But idk wanna tell the whole world about
my love life cuz i think i have been doing too much of that
lately. And i should learn to vent a lil more privately
(especially in that time of the month when my vents become
not so nice) is what i have been learning from this
journal. But it is nice to vent. I just need to censure
myself, which is what i am doing now. So yah, I am gonna go
now. Buh bye!