Shellie Benellie

Me and My Life
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2003-03-21 02:07:49 (UTC)

ummm. . .

Today . . . I have no clue it was kinda blah. Nothing great
really happened. I'm sick but what eles is new. Oh I guess
breaking up two verbal fights is new and Amber and Billy
broke up for the millionth time. The funny thing is that
she trys to tell people they wont get back together but
anyone who knows her realizes that they will be back
together again soon. I really wish she would just realize
that Billy isn't going to change, he will always be
difficult. I swear they will end up getting married and
divorced like a billion times! He will never want to talk
to you in public where other people will hear your
business. Then before the whole Billy fight she started
with Sarah and I had to stop Sarah from saying something
and Sarah was about to go kick her ass. It would have been
really funny if they got into a fight. I surly would have
laughed! The Marine Guy hit on me. He asked me if I wanted
his phone number. I was like umm no I have a boyfriend. He
was like OH and he gave me all this free stuff. I was like
well thank-you. He took an Amry sticker and hung it in the
guys bathroom and wrote the Amry sucks. I was like can we
get anymore immature!!!! yeah he gave me a coffee cup and
it is o so prudy but I almost broke it. If I had broken my
cup I think i would have cried. I also learned that my
school has alot of lesbains in my school. Like twenty more
then I had thought. The freaky part is one of them Igrew up
with and I always thought she was into girls and now I know
she is. Its kinda scary and weird!!
I miss my baby so much I haven't talked to him in almost
two weeks and his birthday is in eight days!! lol
Tommorow I have to go get my car fixed and then I have the
couch guy coming to fix my couch. Later I get to go to
Amanda's Birthday party. I hope Nina goes for then I am not
the only one that I chill with over there. If she doesnt go
then I will cry. I am like so sick I can barly talk and I
duno. Well I think I said all I need to say for the time