molly the undead

you THINK you know...and you probably do
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2003-03-21 01:49:07 (UTC)


Well, the happy news of the week is that i got accepted to
Manhattanville. So i guess i will be going to college,
assuming Iraq doesn't blow up New York. But i won't bore
you all horribly with my lecture on the insidious horrors
of war...i won't even mention how war will only breed
further hatred of our capitalist societies which seem to
have lost the regard for human lives in the battle for
power and supremacy.
I'll just keep my fuckin mouth shut.

Jodie and i went prom dress shopping the other day, and
both of us bought dresses. Of course the one i liked had to
be a goddamn size 6 which refused to zip all the way up on
account of my Amazonian man chest. But i figured screw
it...i'll just tie the back with a shoelace. It's not like
i'm trying to impress anyone anyways. Jodie and me have to
be eachother's dates because we're huge losers and no one
likes us.
It could be worse.
At least it's not that smelly kid with the boyle who sits
behind me in English Lit.

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