Broken Sky 2- The Diary of Mark
2003-03-21 01:39:46 (UTC)


Well it seems that im not having a perfect life that is
going great. I hate everyone now, except for those few
you know who you are. This girl , we'll call her B, well
she always has me do things for her, when i refused she
got mad at me. Now all she does is give me dirty looks
and turn her head. B has some problems that she wont
discuss with her friends. Maybe shell get a diary here
and you guys can help her out. And Daves g/f is thinking
about leaving. I hope she dosnt. Shes really nice. O
and you may no dave ask "br0kensky". Anyways, his g/f
colleen, which he loves soooo very much, is tired of a kid
named "MP". Hes always makin her life a living hell.
Thats why she wants to go back to homeschooling. I also
want her to stay really really badly. But if she wants to
leave i cant stop her. O well life goes on, and so is
mine so im going to go now!