Worcs Of A Dangerus Mind
2003-03-21 01:07:07 (UTC)

God, Bless him

today was not to great of a day, i mean it wasnt bad for
me, but w/ my friend dylan.
his g/f, one true love, broke up w/ him last night. i
cant even start to say i no how he feels. he fucking LOVED
this girl. more than i ever thought was possible. i mean he
might not no what TRUE love is, idk if anyone does, but he
felt it to the best of his ability for her. i am gonna give
a written prayer for u dylan...
God, almighty Lord, i pray to The today and ask of The
to gentle the hurt of this boy,dylan. may You please take
the pain from his broken heart and mend it with Your
everylasting sweet love Lord. Allow Jesus into his heart
Lord. deliever him from satan evil and hateful ways.
Forgive him for his past Lord, wash his blood of his sin.
and fill it with Your love. in Jesus name, Amen.
i really hope that helps........

Song of the day:
Foo Fighters-Times Like These