Visions Of Life
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2003-03-21 00:40:07 (UTC)


Images of horror
Flash across the screen
Forced to watch the destruction
That did not have to be

I know the mothers are crying
For their sons are there
Fighting for their country
Their life
Which foreigners may not understand
Because we are strangers in a land
We were never meant to know

Bombs go off and citizens cheer
Though, the people in the villages
Do not hear the joy of the enemy
They hear the cries of children
The silence of the elders
Who have seen so much war before

Yet blinded by a mission
Strange soldier move on
Distracted by a lie
Led on like puppets in a great play
They pillage and destroy the lives
Of innocent people
Because they were told to

What honor is in killing
When the reason is blurry
What praise do you deserve
For turning a world upside down
When you do not even understand their life
How can you call yourself a hero
Acting like millions will praise your feet
When all you are is a killer
Led by a madman, who thinks he is a king

March 20th, 2003
-Christine Bowen