Visions Of Life
2003-03-20 23:13:16 (UTC)


I am so furious over this war that I can barely put it
into words...

And I am also having some thoughts that I do not like

For example, CNN has been on constantly since last night.
My bf likes watching it. I cant even bring myself to look
at the screen because it's too horrible.

But anyways, my current thought will probally label me as
anti-amercian but who gives a fuck anymore. I watch the
news and almost wish for the Iraqis to attack and injure
the americans. In a way I want Iraq to win because I am
sick of the president and some americans thinking they
rule the world. I am sick of them telling people how to
act and I am fucking sick of this superior attitute. The
United States is not the only fucking country in the world
and maybe a good ass kicking will get the president and
his minions off their fucking high horse and back to

Im done for now. Too disgusted to continue.

And for the record I am anti-war and do not want anyone to die.. Tho
my anger is bringing out a weirdly sadistic part of me..