my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2003-03-20 22:49:57 (UTC)


man. first of all casey came yesterday *grin* we had agreat
time. ok. then today..heavens... well amy man i feel SO BAD
for amy because this guy has been flirting w/ her n talking
trash while doin it, and her cuz joey just blew it out of
porportion and make it a big fat deal and her moms gettin
all into it and its so bad. man i feel so bad for her and
shes like one of my best friends. well no she is my beast
friend. i have 2... amy asnd nicole. but.. normally amy's
the more best. because nicole and i can't ever seem to get
a hold of each other or hang out or anything. man. any way
i feel so bad for her right now i really want to go to
school with her tomorrow. really really i would sit through
all her classes however boring theyd get. man. im gonna
go... bye
p.s. when i got on this.... i had forgotten part of my
password and scared my self haha. yea im still trying to
figure out which is the right one. i just know i know 2
ways or writing it and one of them is right and the other
is wrong haha.

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