Thoughts arrive like butterflies
2003-03-20 22:02:02 (UTC)

At last

*Sits back with popcorn and Pepsi watching ITN...*

I'm so glad they finally decided to do something about the
war! To hell with the protesters. If they want to chain
themselved to the gates-I say let them. Just don't offer to
unlock them. And put ductape over their mouths so the yuppy
bastards can't scream at you something they know nothing
about. I can't wait 'till THEY get bomber or...something
happens to them. I mean look at them! They're all rich kids
from universities claiming to be educated! Their parents
can pay for them to stay off school or their crappy part
time jobs. They're not going to war- they're not going to
be affected and I doubt they seriously even care what
happens o the Iraqi civilians.

Then you get the vegan green peace tree hugging hippies who
think they're so great, wandering around in their wool
skirts and tye dye tops. (I love tie dye tops I just hate
them!) They disagree with everything the government say
because.....that's what they do. They live in little
caravans drinking soy milk, they've all been to
universities and have learnt...nothing.

And u have the school students who think they're so
excellent, exercising their freedom of speech, just wanting
their faces in the papers.

Fuck you!
You idiots, you know nothing! You know nothing because you
don't watch the news/read newspapers/ listen to the radio.
You don't do this because you're just against bloody
No opinion is better than a wrong opinion.
These are the people who need to be wiped out more than
Saddam. They're deliberately stopping the country going to
war. They're allowing Saddam to get his way.

Fuck of all you peace loving tree hugging morons. Piss off
to France. I'm sure you'll be welcome there. They don't
take refugees but they do allow in idiots.