malenky devotchka

Bella Morte
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2003-03-20 21:56:43 (UTC)

H E L L O , M O T O . . .

yes. well. i'm here, at the computer. you are also. maybe
not in this moment, but here all the same. what are you
doing???? why are you sitting here, reading the sewage that
drips from my head like a runny nose in winter??? hmmm,
noses don't run, and feet don't smell. when people throw
up, they really throw down, if they threw up, they would

anyway, since you are sitting here, i'll give you something
semi-entertaining to read:

in sleep i lie,
to myself,and to the bed,
likwise confused and coughing
afraid to betray my
to he that haunts
my waking thoughts...
dreaming in black, white
and pasty grays,
like an old movie
in an era,
silent and golden,
glorious and untouched
by the dark misery
of days...
suspended between
Paris and
a sunset...
when a STAR
sheds tears,
in daylight,
like an ember
in the palm
of my hand...
burning a
in my heart.
leaving a dissenting
opinion on my tongue,
falling up stairs
unable to discern
an opinion of myself...


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