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2003-03-20 21:32:38 (UTC)

Just another day

Ahh yeah yeah i know I havent writen in a while, well boo
hoo I havent had time! Sry that school takes up 75% of my
life! ARGG! Well I had a pretty good weekend. On sat. I
went to tiffs house and the mall with her, man i forgot how
much fun it is to get yelled at for taking pictures in Wet
Seal lol, and Sunday I went to the beach with Cj. That was
fun but i didnt get nearly as much sun as I hoped i would
get! O well. And yesterday Brooke went home with me and
then she went to youth with me. She kinda went to see how
CJ looks, but he got kicked out of youth for the day/week
w/e. Yeah, he brooke into the youth house and got caught i
guess so my youth leader said he couldnt go to youth that
night. I think that was kinda stupid, but my youth leader
just said it was 'tough love'. W/e. Well I hope Brooke had
fun any ways (even tho we both got stomache aches from
eating too much candy and lemonaide! lol) I really like
Brooke and I hope that we can become better friends. But
any ways... Oh yeah i wont be writing like all of spring
break, which is in 1 day if i might mention. You see Friday
and saturday and sunday I will be camping with church,
(even tho cj isnt gonna be there, so yeah i can do things
with church without him!) and Monday, tuesday, wednesday,
thursday, and friday i will be camping some more, just not
with church. And they dont have computers in the wilderness
so that explians why i wont be writing.

Questions i should be asking someone but i am not cuz i am
Why dont you call? Why do you seem to ignore me? Why am I
still around? Why are you around if you act the way you do?
Why do you act the way you do? Why dont you act theh way
you used to act?

Oh my goodness I am.... I dont know what i am but dont ask
about the question thing. I dont even know why i put it
there. I dont know why i put alot of the things i do put in
here in here.

Oh well I have to go to church drama practice. I wont be
writing in a while so talk to you way later! LYL (well LYL
to some ppl)