ramblings of this hopeless romantic
2003-03-20 21:13:29 (UTC)

Rain, rain, rain

Hah itz raining so hard here. The Reedy River is flooded.
Never thought I'd live to see a river overflow. Last night
I got a nice run in the rain going to the recital hall for
a meeting. Fun stuff there.

Adam called me last night!!!! Turns out that he couldn't
call Monday night cuz his mom was using the phone.
Understandable. My mom does it too. So I finally hinted
about ordering his boutonniere. I don't know if he's gonna
get me corsage or what. Oh well. He's coming to see me
tomorrow :) I'm excited. I haven't seen him in a while--ok
so what if it was only 2 weeks???

Yay!!! I know how to do my lab now!!!! Now I can turn it
in tomorrow..or tonight if I start it now. *contemplating*
Hehehehe.....I should do it now so I can pack tonight and
only go to my meeting/conference with Mrs. Schantz
tomorrow morning (8:45 AM). I'm sure she won't mind me in
pj's. After that all I'll have is Wind Ensemble rehearsal
and the student recital. Then I can finish putting stuff
on my bed and such (getting everything ready to leave). I
can't wait to go home!!!!! (even if it means no Adam for
another week and a half)

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