Spanky's Baby
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2003-03-20 19:50:47 (UTC)

~~**KrAzY LiFe**~~

It's been crazy in my life, these past couple of weeks. I
am basically still with Spanky, but we are like on a break.
On Sunday I was in bed it was like 6:00, my Moma came to my
room and was like "Ami there is 2 guys outside for you". So
I walked out and it was David Porter and Justin Osborne. I
haven't seen either of them in forever. But yeah David
likes me so, I am really excited now! I really like him,
but I am in love with Spanky! And I don't think that I will
ever get over him, no matter what happens in our
relationship. I might be going to South Sumter to hang with
Jesecka! She is gonna come down here and stay one weekend
too!! So, it will all work out! But I am gonna go, I will
write more later!