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2003-03-20 19:35:25 (UTC)


man, what is up with bush. why in the world does he feel
the need to go to war with iraq? war is bad. people get
killed in wars, as mr. melillo so obviously stated today.
and it makes me scared. so i dont really feel like talking
about it anymore.

i got contacts on monday night! aren't you excited for me?
of course, it still takes me like 20 minutes to get them in
in the morning, but hey. its worth it. i can actually see
the ball in softball. that is always good.

so today mr. melillo told me i'm on his "list." see, we had
shadows following some people around today, so i asked mr
melillo if i could let a shadow have my seat and i could go
sit in the rolly chair next to suleka. and he said no way,
and he even spelled no for me to make sure i got it. so of
course, i went and sat in the rolly chair next to suleka. i
knew he wouldnt really care, no matter what he said. so
then at the end of class, he tells me i sat in the rolly
chair. i was like yeah, no kidding. so he says
i "disobeyed" him, even though he even spelled NO for me.
and then he said now i'm on his list. and i laughed and
asked him what list that was. and he says "the S list, and
i don't mean saint." so, im still kinda wondering what the
S stands for. maybe ill bug him about it next time. anyway,
i dont really have anything else to say, i just havent
updated in a while. so there.