random scribbles
2003-03-20 17:00:35 (UTC)

it just gets harder when you're asked why

[music - death cab for cutie - mood - bitchy :p ]

team a star = me, punkanna, flo

team b (beast) = anna a, nudge

team c (crap) = everyone else

today at school honestly sucked. very hot though. i nearly
walked out first thing but instead think i'm gonna take
tomorrow off and join the anti-war protest. today edd was
meeting up with the wombles, other anarchy groups, he told
punkanna "if i you havent seen me by 10 tomorrow, call my
dad, i might have been arrested" :)

i will write about the war and the whole situation at
school some other time. its all tied in together... in a
weird way. i feel angry at myself being so petty and stupid
at a time like this but then again there are always way
more important things going on in life... yet we're still
all so self absorbed.

me in my english book: help me
punkanna in my english book: kill me
me in my english book: i would ask to die, but then i
wouldnt be able to bake