my life sux
2003-03-20 16:25:31 (UTC)

I finally got pain pills that worked.

Hello Diary,
I talked to Dr.Weissman yesterday and for some strange
reason he would not call Dr.Hedaya to find out what pain
pills I could take with my meds.
he's a meurologist he would know what meds I could and
couldn't take.
For whatever reason Dr.Hedaya's office had the phone turned
off for quite a while yesterday so it was after two until I
was able to get through to his office.
He did call in some pain pill for me which do work for me
which is really weird for me and they work quick to.
I'll never understand Dr's ever.
I also had a seizure this morning before Dennis left for
work a screaming seizure and that makes 8 this month so far.