Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
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2003-03-20 13:28:07 (UTC)

WAR: day 1, and so on, and so on...

I am listening to The Eels - "Elizabeth Lying on the
Bathroom floor" The eels are an excellent band, they're
like really cynical, but at the same time their music can
bring about a very emotional response. Hmmm. Well well
well, the war started today... It was gonna happen any day
soon.. and today was the day. Interesting. I spose there
isn't much that can be said about the War on Iraq that
hasn't already been said. And everybody should have there
own opinion, so I won't bother sharing mine again. But I
will say one thing again.. Saddam Hussein is an evil man.
Today I found out that He uses a human-shredding machine on
citizens who speak out against his regime... I also
discovered that as a form of torture, he will molest a
parents children in order to get information out of them.
What a sick and disgusting sadist! It makes me feel so sad
to hear those things.. absolutley horrible. He needs to be
stopped... those things make me want to cry. hmmm... Well
anyways, I woke up this morning, and thought to
myself "should I do some study first or should I bum
arround and then study?"... Well I'm so glad that I did all
my study first because if I had ended up just watching the
TV.. I wouldn't have been able to get myself away from it.
I turned it on at arround 12:30pm, when I finished my work,
and yeah well what did I see? nothing else but the first
act of combat being broadcast live. I was watching these
missiles flying in the air.. exploding on their targets..
it was amazing. hmmm.. such an insignificant feeling is
what I get when I watch those kinds of things unfold in
front of my eyes... very much like how it felt on the
September 11 attacks... 1 and a half years later..almost
exactly.. here I am watching a war.. I wonder where I will
be 18 months from now? who knows? we'll just have to ride
it out.. oh well I'm gonna go watch "the cars that ate
paris" peter weir's first film.. it's on TV tonight..that's
really cool..I've always wanted to see it... GOODNIGHT FOR
NOW! from Michael.