It smells like poop over here
2003-03-20 09:04:29 (UTC)

7,7, no tomorrow

and 8, 8, i forgot what 8 was for." kiss off by the violent
femmes is a damn good song. bout time i got around to DLing
my problem now, devon. i want this chick so bad, i know
she has to know i do, and she does just about everything to
hurt me in an oh so subtle way. i need to get over this
girl, she wants mike rudd, and im gonna have to let that
kick my ass enough that i won't want her anymore. it's just
so hard you know. she's just so nice, and really cool,
whacked outta her mind crazy insane, totally histarical and
really hot and really sexy.
but then comes up another problem, kristen. shawn said
she actually likes me. im having trouble believing that.
you would too if you saw the two of us. she's this sweet,
little, caring, compassionate girl whose has to be one of
the hottest girls i know. she's everything a guy like me
needs...course, maybe that's not what i need, cause knowing
her as little as i do, she'll actually care about me. can't
have that. but anyway, i don't know her that well, but
she's gorgeous, and is really cool, as far as i know. i've
only hung out with her a few times, but unfortunately, the
last few times, i've been wasted off my ass. i was gonna
talk to her at mikes house, but she's one of the first
girls i actually like that i can't bring myself to talk
to.....i think i now know why. i just don't want her body
and her looks.....i actually want to be with this girl.
devon, she's just a cool girl i'd lik to fuck around with,
have a friends with benefits thing...i think, but kristen.
i'd like to get to know her, i'd like to be with her and
care about her.
god dammit, i don't even know what i want. i should
just stick with that plan of giving up on girls for the
rest of my life and pray i live a reckless life that kills
me by 30. do i like devon??? do i like kristen??? i'd see
devon more than kristen, but i might actually be able to
get into central. but then i'd be leaving my boys, joe, j,
shawn, rich....fucking a. if i wasn't such a fat, ugly,
dumbass, this might not be a problem. course, if they both
told me to go to hell and said they never wanted to talk to
me again, i could go on living my miserable life with out
hope of having a girl in my life.
all i got are my friends, and at least i have them,
some people don't even have that much. some are girls, some
are guys, but i love em all. that's why me and joe need to
get our own tattoos together, j pussed out. just me and joe
then, no shawn. he's my boy, but im doing it to be boys
with joe. he's been a constant friend for the past 5 years.
god damn, im pathetic and making my life out to be a big
deal, when it's totally not. there are peolple out there
with real problems: drugged up parents beating them, step
dad raping them, not having any friends, psychological
problems and so forth and so on. im just trying to make
others and myself feel sorry for me. god damn, i suck.