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2003-03-20 04:45:39 (UTC)

shit...i hope this doesnt get me arrested :)

War?! what the fuck is that?! did anybody else hear that
fucking moron say that 'that country has no respect for the
conventions of war' or whatever the hell he said. excuse! our lil puppet-president is either a
liar or a complete moron if he can really stand up in front
of the whole nation/world and say that stupid shit. we have
absolutely NO right to impose our beliefs in 'democracy' on
any other country! and did nobody EXPECT 9/11? we've been
performing terrorrist actions on all those middle east and
african countrys...for as long as i can remember! our
military is even practically in control of 1/2 those lil
countries government. we learn about 'manifest destiny'
being such a bad thing...and yet its what we seem to
tolerate and even stand up for every day! ive lost ALL
faith in our government! and dont get me prolly
one of the most patriotic ppl i know...i support the
military 100%! just not the government that controls that
military. i have family and friends over there...and soon
to be over there...when this 'gulf war #2' turns into
a 'WW3' and the ppl i love die...
i think one of the saddest things ive seen would have to be
during that FIRST week of protesting on 50 & 19. all the
ppl that were out there at the beggining were veterans.
they were in their 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s...they were in those
wars...they were drafted...they watched their families,
friends and enemies die. those are the ppl with first hand
experience of the tragedy this is going to turn into. those
are the ppl that the Monkey should have paid attention to.
and saying this is a 'war on terrorism' is analogous to
saying 'the civil war was fought over slavery'. bullshit.
this is a war over oil. this makes me SICK.
this world sucks. this country is one of the worst ones on
earth. why do WE have ANY right to think that our system of
government is THE right one and every one else should see
the light and learn our ways?! especially when all those
CIVILIZED cultures all look down on us. what is there that
should be emulated...should be FORCED on other
countries?...we are a nation of barbarians. what other
counrty has such a high crime rate? what other country has
so many fucking OBESE pathetic gluttons?! so much lust? sex
crimes? drugs/drinking-related deaths? STDs? animal
cruelty? NATIONAL DEBT? Clinton was a good president...he
had one fault. the same fault probably (at least) 60% of
America has. u not know one single person who
has ever cheated on their significant other? lord knows i
know plenty. he was a symbol of the decadence of our
nation. Sodom and Gommorah. if anybody knows what that
means anymore.
im sincerely suprised at the level of ignorance. i had an
epiphany in Prob&Stats the other day. Nick made a statement
that startled me. he said hes agnostic (woohoo! high 5 for
that! --me too :) in case u didnt know that). i think hes
maybe the 2nd, 3rd person i met who really knows what that
even means. everyone assumes that im a fucking atheist. not
at all. i think atheism is bullshit (my own personal
belief...please dont get offended). ive read the bible
straight through twice. ive done research on countless
other religions including hinduism, etc...and of course one
of my personal faves: Druidism! :) (high 5 for the smart
ass Celts! THEY knew what they were talking about...DAMN U
(again...personal belief!) that this CANT be it. there has
to be SOMEONE up there, there has to something AFTER this,
and there have to be OTHERS out there. (#1 movie:
Dogma! ;)). believe what u wish but it is my experience
that most of these kids running around saying 'i dont
believe in god' are either a) saying it to be 'cool' and
fit in in the 'goth' lifestyle because they heard it from
their friends or in a song or b) they really have no idea
WHAT theyre talking about yet they find it hard to accept
the biased uptight assholes that set the rules in
formalized religions...well 'religion is a fashion able
substitute for belief' (Oscar Wilde!)...'u shouldnt have
beliefs...u should have ideas' (Dogma, The Apostle-Chris
Rock). thats all for tonight ppl.
ill be praying to whoever is up there that mccarthyism isnt
reinstated in full force...not after i just vented all
that! eek!

p.s. mental breakdown...failure & work...*sigh*
do u think theyd mind if in my resignation letter (end
of summer) i put 'im sick of u facist bastards. u made my
life a living hell. without me monica and laura u this
place would be a disaster...ur whole job rests on our
shoulders and u have it easy. and yet u think u have the
right to sit on ur fat lazy asses and treat us like the
dirt on the bug on the gum on the bottom of ur shoe? we get
paid SHIT...ive been here over 2 yrs and only make
$5.75...treat us like shit, talk crap about each other
behind each other's backs constantly, spy on us, deny us
the basic human rights like talking to friends, talking to
each other, using the phone, sitting down for a minute,
even if we hafta tie our shoes or feel like we're about to
throw up but couldnt call in in fear of losing what little
money we make?! did u honestly think that i give a damn
that its 'way too late notice' to call during 7th period to
tell u we were not coming in/going to be late
(respectively) because at the risk of failing our senior
year we had to stay after to make up a test. sorry Jonnie.
ur a bitch and if u think im going to put this HELL over my
education then ur a STUPID bitch. there have been NUMEROUS
times when i just felt like giving up. but through it all i
just suffered. i put on a plastic smile and made the tears
wait till i was home. but not anymore. where will u be
without us? where will u be when me and laura are BOTH
gone. poor monica. i guess julie will be happy. and i hope
ur happy having the 'best page' be sure u wont
fall behind as much then as u seem to constantly think we
are now. well guess what moron...'we need carts...theres no
where to put those books...' GET OFF UR LAZY ASS! YOU have
4 HOURS to SIT there doing maybe
instead of complaining and not only putting all the
shelving/straightening/shelf-reading off on us in ADDITION
to making US do HALF YOUR work at the desks when u cant
seem to keep up u could maybe push a cart out every once in
a while. ive seen maybe 3 or 4 out of the what 50/60
something of u Info 1s &2s actually ever help us. SO FUCK
YOU, FUCK YOU, ur cool (Cindy, Jeanne, Nancy S and a couple
more) AND FUCK YOU...IM OUT!!'

grr lol sorry