The crazy world of me
2003-03-20 04:35:07 (UTC)


Yeah so what is going on kids? I think I have hit rock
bottom over here and I am not sure why. I am pretty much
scared shitless at the moment because I am not even sure
what I am going to be doing from one moment to the next. I
am not me here lately. Smoking,drinking, getting high is
not me at all. Today I skipped school and got trashed it
was fun but scary at the same time because it was not me
and I knew that.
I was fine at work though. I am always doing great when
I am at work. I guess it is because I am not sitting there
thinking every 5 minutes. I wish things would go back to
the days where I use to not think so much. It seems like
that all I do. Anyway. I am going to go. Bye