The Nightshade Princess
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2003-03-20 04:14:07 (UTC)

Anti-Bush, Anti-war

I am a terrible "American." I know this. I am not
afraid of death, of being blown to bits by the bombs
of "terrorists." There are none, not here, not now. I do
not fear Iraq, and it's alleged "weapons of mass
destrution." I'm fairly certain that those don't exist,
either, at least not in the scale that the government would
have us think. I AM, however, mortally afraid of what our
own government will do to us. Already, we are seeing
unprecidented eroding of our personal rights, rights which
are written in the constitution on which our entire
goverment is based. It seems that we are also powerless to
prevent it. In wartime, the president has a great deal
more control over us than in peacetime. A man was
prevented from entering a mall in a northern state, simply
for wearing a shirt that said "give peace a chance."
Nothing harmful or anti-American in that, one would think.
Apparently, loyal readers, we are wrong. There is talk of
forbidding large gatherings of people. What authority have
they? Childish and terrible things are occuring all around
us. Democracy is crashing beneath the weight of
our "leaders," I can see the bricks falling, the dust
rising. Tell me, then, am I alone in this?
Your government lies to you. What, praytell, is this
mysterious "link" between Iraq and the terrorists? Using a
national tragedy to scare citizens into supporting a war
is, admittedly, tactical genius, but it's wrong. This is
no issue of homeland security, people. How else, though,
can Bush boost the support that is so vital to his cause?
Think for yourselves! Now is NOT the time to run to our
leaders, crying "mother," and "father," we must protect
ourselves. George W. Bush is not our daddy. He is not our
Messiah. Remember this, when the bombs thunder and the
propaganda rolls in with the tide. My brothers, my
sisters, remember this....
How long will these words remain posted here? I cannot
say. I can, however, say that peace is my answer, it is my
mantra, it is my shield. If this is "Un-American," then so
be it.