sTePh'S wOrLd
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2003-03-20 03:51:55 (UTC)

War or not?

I'm pretty sure we're goin to war, oh joy. I'm worried about it, but there's nothing that I can do. I just pray tthat we don't get bombed! Anyways, enough a/b that b/c that's all everyone's talkin a/b. I slept for most of today, I was tired from working. I've gotta get up at 6, shower, and be to work at 8. I hope we're not real busy at work tom. So, we never went out on Thurs. We did go out on Fri. to Empire and Kelley's bar on Sat. I met a hot guy named Tony on Fri., but he hasn't called me, whatever. I'm not really sweatin it. I guess tom. night I'm goin up to Ithaca w/ Andrea. I'm kinda excited, but have mixed feelings a/b the whole thing. I just hope it goes well. I'm tired and have to get my laundry, so that's it for now. I'll write again soon...Luscious :P

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